Want to see my exact email series that adds 25-30% revenue to every e-commerce store I use it on... 


April 4th, 2018

8:00PM EST


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Email is KING!!!

In this live training session, I will be helping you add huge chunks of revenue, build a system of non stop new leads, and stabilize your business through the rough times with my best email marketing strategies...

I've been building online businesses for almost a decade now and one thing has always been true since the time I started...

The Money Is In The List

This still holds true today.  When you have a list, you have an audience of people who are looking to hear from you.  Building a list can come in so many forms.  Not only an email list like what we'll be talking about in this training.

You could build a messenger list... you could create a list of addresses and phone numbers on a written form... even a social media asset like a fan page is a form of a list. 

You have the opportunity to continually communicate with this audience through these lists and you don't have to pay for each interaction.  That's the key to long term success.  Maximizing these audiences!

Now, each type of list has different advantages.  If we refer back to the fan page example, this list isn't the most buyer friendly group.  They are on your fan page more for the social community aspect of things.  They want to join a group of like minded people.. not be sold products.

This is exactly why I still love email lists so much even today... people are on your email list to get your recommendations.  They are a much more buyer friendly audience. 

Email marketing typically generates 25-30% or more of any business I have created.  It's the best sales tool I've been able to find and it works in so many great ways.

That's exactly what I'm going to be sharing in this private Boardroom Training event.

This Is What We'll Be Covering...

In this LIVE webinar event (also recorded for your viewing pleasure at a later time), I will show you a transparent look at my exact email campaigns and the strategies behind how I am able to have so much success with this medium. Here are the 3 main systems I'll be breaking down in this event that I put into play with every e-commerce store I build...

Abandon Cart Series

The viewers who begin the checkout process and abandon it are some of the hottest leads you could possibly find.  You have a high chance of convincing them to come back and make that purchase.  I share my exact email structure and abandon cart series which I've never shared fully before...

Backend Buyer Series

This is where most people leave money on the table.  People you have already convinced to pull out their credit cards to buy your products are some of the most likely and least expensive sales you can create. Turning a $50 customer into a $500 customer will change the way you look at your business and the ability for growth.  

Lead Gen Prospect Series

One of the best aspects of email marketing is it's ability to convince a prospective customer to bite the bullet and become a customer.  With the right combination of lead generation email funnels, you can have a non stop sales machine that works automatically while you focus on other aspects of the business. 

Here's What To Do Now...

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